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Hello, my name is Patti Starr and I would like to welcome you to Ghost Chasers International, Inc. The content on my website is based on theory and conjecture that has been concluded through research and my experiences. I offer you possible explanations but they may not be the only ones. Ghost Hunting is not an exact science and I do not have absolute proof but I do have enough evidence to support the possibility of the existence of ghosts. I ask that you keep an open mind and enjoy your visit while having a little fun learning something new. I often tell people that I've learned more about life from the dead than I've learned from the living.




September 11-13, 2015

This will be our eigth annual ScareFest


Check it out!



the scarefest





Be sure to join us on the Bardstown Ghost Trek . It's a Ghost-Hunt-Walk in the second oldest city in Kentucky. Maybe Jesse James will appear for us again in his white cowboy hat. Click Here to join us every Saturday Night through June-October, 2015


jesse james





Our Ghost Hunter Shop is haunted by a man named Henry!



henry 1
Photo by Vicki Hogan, Certified Ghost Hunter

In this photo we feel Vicki has captured Henry, our Ghost Hunter Shop ghost. He is seen and felt in the receptionist area where he is captured here in this photo.


henry 2

Photo by Vicki Hogan, Certified Ghost Hunter

This is a close up of Henry.



Although I am greatly honored with your questions and emails, I am unable to reply to your concern on a timely basis. I will eventually answer your questions but it may take up to two months due to the large volume of emails I receive. Presently, I filter through my emails to immediately answer questions about ghost hunting classes and seminars since they are governed by a timely schedule. I do, however, welcome and appreciate your comments anytime….Thanks for understanding…..Patti*




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Patti Starr, Certified Ghost Hunter

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